[Request] HP Victus Laptop 16-r0032ns unblock undervolting cpu bios help

Hello i need help, could anyone make modded bios for unblock undervolting on cpu? thank u

@krzysiek13923 Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
Please shorten the thread title (all details can be put into text of the first post).
Users, who expect, that anybody offers his/her free time to do the modding work for them, should at least attach the original mainboard BIOS (or add a link to it).
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

hello i cant add bios becouse iam new user :confused: here is link for bios https://support.hp.com/pl-pl/drivers/victus-by-hp-16.1-inch-gaming-laptop-pc-16-r0000/model/2101566993?serialnumber=CND3152QDK&sku=7Z2M6EA
here https://support.hp.com/pl-pl/drivers/closure/victus-by-hp-16.1-inch-gaming-laptop-pc-16-r0000/model/2101566993?sku=7Z2M6EA&serialnumber=CND3152QDK