[REQUEST] HP ZBook Fury G9 Undervolt unlocking

Hi all,

I was trying to unlock the undervolting for the BIOS of HP ZBook Fury G9. The BIOS file is available for downloading here and after extracting the BIOS image can be found (interestingly larger than 32M). I was looking for the usual suspects for overclock lock cfglock etc. and I could not find anything there. UEFITool extracted sections can not be converted to text via ifrextract.exe. So no clues how to enable the undervolt unlocking information.

Sounds silly, but I have access to an ME 16.0 BIOS laptop and CpuSetup hex dump looked similar and I set the offset 0x43 on the HP similar to the other laptop and on reboot it went back to 1.

Can you help me with unlocking the undervolting?


Link to the extracted BIOS image.


Its an InsydeH2O bios, look for their tools and methods in the forum, maybe H2OUVE can help you.