[REQUEST] HP ZBook G2 X4 BIOS unlock

Computer went to HP 3WP24UT for repair and when they repaired it they messed up the working non Admin BIOS password. So trying to unbrick computer. I have dumped the 3 Winbond chip files as I was not sure which one had the password info for resetting. Please help me edit the BIOS so I have access again. The link for the dumped files and the HP BIOS update file can be found at BIOS dump

I tried the unlocker and HP Sure Start re-wrote the BIOS with the password so I need to disable password in Sure Start chip too.

Thank you!

I was able to remove the BIOS password with Revelprog-IS with an SO-CLIP, but then Sure Start changed my new settings so it didn’t work. Tried erasing the Sure Start chip W25Q64JV after removing CMOS battery and pressing power button to release capacitors and that didn’t work either, so there is a third location where some of the settings are being stored. I’m at my wits end as not only are HP motherboards way to expensive but they are not available for sale.

@mq_hp Hi, what’s the status of your situation? My BIOS has no HP SURE START password or anything similar mentioned in BIOS however when I reflash modded BIOS with CH341A programmer it is being overwritten. Could you please add some photos as to where that security chip is located and which methods/guides you have used? If someone else has similar BIOS restrictions do add your experience if you were successful to bypass it somehow. Thank you!

I was unable to keep the reprogrammed BIOS, it would get erased at boot. If the BIOS is overwritten then Sure Start must be enabled. Do you also have a power on password?

There is another path but it involved a different card and access to an M2 socket to store the boot information in the RAM bypassing Sure Start, I was unable to secure the hardware so the laptop might be sold for parts.

@mq_hp sorry to hear that. I do not know what to say about this HP SURE START. I read their manual and they want kinda BIOS level security for us, but if it is going to be at a cost where all the access to the hardware, for which we paid our hard earned hundreds of dollars if not thousands, being locked down behind miserable BIOS options to choose from, I definitely say NO, THANKS.
Interestingly, I do not have a power on password. It was not mentioned anywhere in the manual nor inside BIOS options. That’s why I am not sure why my flashed mod BIOS is being >> overwritten.

I am also curious what our BIOS GURU @Lost_N_BIOS 's opinion on this.
Do you mind pointing out the way to this method for me, please.

Thank you!

If you don’t have a BIOS power on password then you can can load PC Diagnostics tools on bootable BIOS and have a go at it.

Unfortunately HP’s current policy is that if the BIOS password is lost, the only alternative is to replace the motherboard.

@mq_hp - There is no surestart chip that you can find and dump, so you can’t edit what’s in there. The only thing you can possibly do is find someone who can find the current password for you, so you can then reset that directly in BIOS using standard proper method.

@DeathBringer may be able to help you find current password in BIOS dump from programmer. If he’s busy and doesn’t reply here, ask for help to locate actual password stored in BIOS over at BIOS-mods.com forum.