[REQUEST] HUAWEI Honor MagicBook 2019 BIOS Request Sample

Device: Laptop
Brand: Huawei
Model: Honor MagicBook 2019
Board number: DAH96PMBAB0

I have attached the password protected one, can someone remove it or supply another that I can use? Based on Huawei’s website I downloaded BIOS from there and trimmed top and bottom to match my one but it didn’t work when flashed, it’s also attached.

There is one in Vinafix but I’m not sure if I can link to it.

I believe this is a InsydeH20

HONOR_MagicBook_14_AMD_BIOS_1.16.bin.zip (4.65 MB)


I suspect some editing needs to be done around Offset 6CB048, I don’t know what.

I’ve made some changes to the locked file - but will try tomorrow. Let me know what you think.


I redid the file using this guide:
Based on HONOR_MagicBook_14_BIOS_1.35 file from their website. Hopefully this will work. Can someone correct me by the above link that I extracted the first major part which was about 2.93MB the bottom part is the NvRAM as reported by UEFI tool Alpha 58, but I didn’t touch this.

honor-bios-password-CLEARED.zip (5.23 MB)

Screenshot 2021-09-11 011258.png

Both methods did not work. Any advise anyone?