[Request] Huawei MateBook D 14 AMD / KPL-W00 (2x00U series) Insyde

Huawei hasn’t updated the Insyde BIOS since 5-28-2019 (Claims 12/29/2020 now but it is the same 1.22 bios).
I would like unlock/advanced.

Huawei MateBook 2x00U link:
Huawei BIOS link (MateBook_D_14_AMD_BIOS 1.22 | 2019-05-28 | 5M):

@HowDoI - Wow, as I mentioned in that thread, this BIOS is a MESS!! There is no way to enable menus in the usual manner that I can see, we can unhide hidden settings only in that mess than is "Main"
What do you need made visible? Here is the setup IFR mess, please make a list of what you want visible. - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…304238596122215


That’s what I said Let me know what you want visible. We aren’t rolling back BIOS. So, I guess you do not have flash programmer then?
If not, then maybe only less risky option is flashrom method explained at annex of this guide in first post [Guide] How to flash a modded AMI UEFI BIOS
It’s that, or extremlysky OLD AFU DOS /GAN method, which I suggest against.

Or, it’s possible, that this AFU method would work too, we’ll have to try this first. See this guide, but only pay attention to the flashing spoiler and download the attached tools so you get that exact AFU


@HowDoI - Make a list of what you want visible, that is inside “Main” Then at first, I will send you 1-3 BIOS to test with a single settings change, so we can see which method works and which does not, then I will do follow up after you give back test results and make all the rest visible
If you can flash in mod BIOS that is. Please send me dumped BIOS from flashrom method, or AFU, whichever method you want to try first (for either method, I need backup created from that method)
Before creating backup, make sure all the following is disabled in BIOS >> Secure Boot, BIOS Guard if you see it, TPM/Encryption , and remove ALL BIOS passwords.
Then make dump, might as well dump using both methods right then, that way we can work both directions at same time in case one can’t write back mod BIOS (Neither may be able to)

Other progress here: