[REQUEST] Huawei Matebook D14 (AMD) InsydeH2o

Hi, I humbly ask for a mod or at least for a quick few points to get me started with it, normal bios on this machine is just the “main” page with very few settings and nothing more, id need whole bunch of menus unlocked or dig for the “secret” code to get into “advanced bios mode”. Thanks in advance.
P.S. Can’t upload bios here, its above 6megs trying to share the link here > BIOS (will be up for 30days from the post date)

Hi, need help?

nif3lheim.zip (4.8 MB)

I saw your reaction, but only now it became important for me to know if I succeeded in anything. I’m going to make another mod for someone, but I don’t know if that method actually worked. Not everyone has a programmer to recover the bios.

Hello Kitten, sorry I didn’t respond you earlier, real busy weeks lately, gonna try out it in this weekend and will recall if successful or a no-no, also, you dont really need a programmer to back it up, h2offt works just fine and i found a way to get “full bios”(with capsule) from exe file, but it comes without serial and “extra info” and such. tinkered with fft few days ago, but bios calls out for security stuff.(doesnt matter if in efi, dos or win mode)

But to flash it you do not have way? Security stuff won’t let you do this using h2offt unless the BIOS file is authorized with Huawei private certificate.