(Request) I can't change cat file

I can’t change cat file, upon attempt change file cat example, with notepad++, what I get is that all files that have sha-1 hashes contained in cat lose their certificate. (Files were modified) What might I need to replace some hashes in cat without losing the certificate? Thanks in advance, and sorry for my bad English, but I’ll improve.

It is the *.CAT file, which contains all information about the digital signature of the related driver.
Any modification will destroy the digital signature completely.

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Fernando, What tools should me use to create and sign it?

If you want to know how to sign a modified driver, you should better try to get support somewhere else (outside the Win-Raid Forum). I will not help you.
By the way - a modification of an existing *.cat file doesn’t make any sence. This file will be created automaticly after having run the matching command.

Fernando, Okay. Since the forum rules prohibit this, I understand. Thanks for the useful information.