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Hi there i’d love to know some info about bios mod.
I’m in this situation, owning a N56VZ laptop with a modified bios i broked the bios.Opened it put the buspirate on the bios chip it worked, resulted of a 8MB size.
i need to restore the bios but the original is 6MB, i do not have any good backup bios, what can i do from now on?
Is there any bios extraction tool? how can i with the original bios increase the size?flashrom do not let me write to the chip for a dismatch file size
Do anyone of own a N56VZ laptop with an uncompressed bios so instead of 6MB got the 8MB ?
Thank you for your kindness

Your 6 Mb image is only a BIOS region. There are also ME, GbE and Descriptor regions in SPI flash, but they aren’t meat to be updated with BIOS, so they aren’t in update image.
Please attach your 8Mb dump so we can build you a working image from it.

Thank you very much for your attention, the 8MB bios is a corrupted one so it doesn’t boot normally.I tried flashrom with buspirate but due to the size mismatch, it doesn’t work.
Do you have any idea of a SPI software programming to interface with buspirate or TIAO so called TUMPA under windows?Or there is any alternatives to flashrom?
Thank you very much if you need the corrupted 8MB bios, i will send it.
Is there any Virtual bios tool where it’s possible to load bios by the various home factory?

Compress & attach here your corrupted 8MB bios dump. CodeRush can help you if you provide that.

Ok guys here you got, this 8MB bios is a mod bios with a set of VGA to othere instead for Windows 7, so at the boot time i got a black screen,could you tell me what you do and which tools are you planning to
thanks so much for your help.A good bios resides under the asus sites for the N56VZ laptop version 217

Shared file…iew?usp=sharing

I’ve replaced your NVRAM storage (it’s where all BIOS settings are stored) with the factory default file from the same 217 BIOS using UEFITool, the modified file is here.
Flash it using your Bus Pirate and report if it works or not.

What can i say?thanking you it’s not much.
I’m writing from the N56VZ with a bios restored by you.
is there any how to about the job you’ve done?
Questions:<<othere than flashrom are there any free alternative that works for buspirate and TIAO>>
Thank you very much

No, it’s your description that helped me. I know where BIOS settings are stored (you can learn it too, just open your file in UEFITool, press Ctrl+F and search for “NVAR” string with Unicode checkbox off and Case-sensitive check box on, then filter out PE32 images), and I know that factory iamge has them in dafault working state, so I just replaced the whole settings block using “Replace body…” action of UEFITool. If your BIOS wasn’t AMI-based, I would done it another way (because non-AMI BIOSes store sensitive board data in NVRAM, and they will be lost if replaced with default NVRAM image). That’s it.

I don’t know such alternatives, flashrom is good enough.

Do you have any idea if coreboot for i7 procsessor is a working progress?
Talking about UEFItool is possible to modify the procsessor so instead of just having the overclock i can have the I/O virtualization?
Thank you

I don’t too much into coreboot, but all things are possible if they want to invest enough time to reverse memory and chipset initialization code.
No, it’s not possible to enable any CPU technologies, if they aren’t supported from the start. Yes, we all know that CPU cores are equal, but no one of us knows how the difference between CPU models is achieved (only a bunch of Intel engineers know it), but I am really sure that after 30 years of architecture development, it’s a hardware-level difference now, and can’t be patched in BIOS at all.

I know this is a ridiculously old thread, but I just wanted to say thank you for this amazing info.

Because of CodeRush’s posts I learned how BIOS regions work, how the UEFItool works, and then how to inject known good settings from the 6mb vendor BIOS into a corrupted 8mb dump which had good ME, GBE and descriptor regions.

And I revived a dead laptop as a reward.

Just amazing. A million thank you’s.