[REQUEST] - Information about BIOS Advanced Menu of ACER EMACHINES E525

my name is Luca and I have a problem with RAM. With CPU-Z I see that the RAM has frequency of 400 MHz against 533 MHz installed (same thing in CCleaner - Speccy).

It’s not possible to see Advanced menu in BIOS (I have found last version here http://www.emachines.com/ec/it/IT/content/drivers.html, NOTEBOOK - E SERIES - E525, v 3.10).

Is there a way to see Advanced menu and try to correct frequency?

Here you can see images https://imgur.com/a/T0UaETQ

Thank you for your help,

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Nobody can help me?

I see 3GB of memory running at 822Mhz. Sorry, I cannot find a way to view possible options for this old BIOS, most OEM systems like this even if I could see you wouldn’t have a hidden option to change.
It’s based on CPU’s FSB installed, if you can install 1066 FSB then it would probably run memory at the higher speed, but I can’t be sure.

Your best option is to find 800Mhz memory with best timings