Request/Information Acer A315-51-341S advanced settings (if possible)


After reviewing lots of posts i couldn’t find a solution to this problem, like many others i wish to unlock advanced bios settings.
I’m having memory/ram related errors to none’s surprise since i added Crucial 8GB DDR4-2400MHz SODIMM “CB8GS2400”, for two days it was fine. Now on third day after playing sometime it gave an error when i exited the game and launched firefox, a blue screen.

The bios at use is, “insydeh20 rev 5.0” version 1.05.

What im plan to do is limiting the max clock speed of ram to 2133 and i hope it’ll be ok (?).

Any advice would be appreciated.

Is there any alternative way to underlock the new ram?

A315-51-341S.txt (50 KB)

Do you have any news on your search for unlocking the bios advanced menu ? I have a very similar device Aspire A315-51-3661 (same i3-6006u) and I’ve tried many things to achieve this unlock, but with no luck. I’d be interested in any info you might have acquired on the subject.

Thanks in advance,