[Request] Insydeh20 modding 018A6 m6-1035dx

I have an hp laptop, model m6-1035dx. I’ve been trying to unlock the advanced menu to no avail, i’ve been using H20EZE and I’m not really sure what I’m doing, and a lack of information on how to do this is keeping me from learning how to do this myself. Maybe the information is out there, but I can’t find it. All the tutorials on bios modding seem to assume that I’m already a computer engineer…
I ask questions in biosmods site and my posts get deleted for asking too many questions. I need help. People act like it’s some kinda national secret on how to get these menus open. I tried hot keys, didn’t work. I also tried the smokelessamd tool and it left me needing to flash my bios with a chip programmer after i bricked my laptop.
I am not trying to overclock, but I do want to lock the clock at 3200mhz and I think disabling powerXpress would do this.

anyway. i would be willing to pay for an unlocked bios, or the needed info to accomplish it myself. I managed to mod a dell bios once, i think it was ami bios, by combining it with a similar msi bios, but i had a constant “windows activation” problem after that, so I really need some help here. DM me if you need more info.

I think you need to disable P-states 2, 3, 4… leaving only P-state 1 and PBs.
Unlocked bios won’t help.

I tried that, it still wont use the 3200 mhz multiplier. sometimes it bounces to 3200 mhz for a split second, then goes right back to 2700mhz again.

Update, I managed to identify DXE driver setup utility room and extracted it to text… Not sure what to do with it now…

But in H20EZE I changed power to high performance, and enabled and fusion, hoping that will enable overdrive utility to work, and patched it. Doesn’t give me the advanced tab but, also there is Normal boot menu or advanced boot menu. I switched it to advanced, maybe that will unlock the advanced settings, idk