[Request] Intel DH67BL Bios Settings and mod

hello you can modify the bios of my motherboard so you can see more options, if it is clear and somehow you can improve if this motherboard haha.
I have a problem in the bios that gives me an error whenever the start does not matter how many times the bios flashes or the factory reset always gives me a checksum error I think it was.
another thing is that 2 sata ports do not work and an Esata port does not work either and always heats the processor a lot.
I have already touched all the settings and left it in a way that yields more and less hot but good layers there is a serious fault in the pc what I would like to know is if someone can better my bios haha ​​or at least take out the ultra advanced or advanced options of the bios to see if deactivating something I get a little more performance since there are “many things that I do not use on the pc” and deactivate most.
I will leave the links to a post where I posted the same with other information for a long time, it is short but there I left the links of the version of my bios before I deleted them and an image of the main page of the bios.
link: https://www.bios-mods.com/forum/Thread-Bios-intel-Requests
My best regards.

Checksum error may be normal, or you may need to replace your CMOS battery. Take it out and measure it with a multi-meter, it should read 3V or above, if not, replace it.
Then enter BIOS and load optimal defaults, make any other changes you want, then reboot and checksum error should be gone (unless above = true)

The only way to edit Intel BIOS is to dump with programmer like CH341A + SOIC8 test clip if BIOS is soldered to board, then modify, then flash back.

I do not know anything about how to program with these devices I am a common user, the only way to modify the bios is with chip programmers?

@ema - Yes, we are all common users, until you pick up these $2 and $3 tools, then you will learn how to use them, don’t let inexperience scare you away from it
Yes, for Intel BIOS you can only mod with flash programmer. Tools are cheap, and there is plenty of guides, people use these all the time with no experience using them to flash in mod BIOS, recover boards from bricked BIOS etc.
Let me know if you want linked examples on ebay, you can get them cheap there with slow shipping or pay more on ebay or amazon or other shops for faster shipping.

This is what you need

Here is guide on how to use
[GUIDE] Flash BIOS with CH341A programmer

Once they arrive, do not erase or write anything, or use auto. Only make a dump and save (read, verify, save) it then have someone help
Here is software used - http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?fil…695330485827902

I will see how to buy the two devices since in my country there is an economic crisis.
It is not very expensive but it costs to buy it for the current circumstances.
and of course here it is more expensive.
I would like to be able to use it someday so I learn a lot about this programmer and I would like to reprogram some bios of some notebooks I have.
When I have the programmer I leave a message here for you to know and or you can help me if I send one that is not and leave the PC dead ajaja.
Thank you.