[Request] Ivy Bridge-E Support for Epson Endeavor Pro7500 X79 Motherboard


I was hoping someone could help me with modifying or giving advice on modify the bios for an Epson Endeavor Pro7500 motherboard to add Ivy Bridge-E support.

From what I could find, the board is an OEM version of the Foxconn Quantumian-1 X79. But unfortunately, both Foxconn and Epson did not release bios updates to support Ivy Bridge-E.

I’d be willing to try a few different things and have a CH341a programmer on order.
Also looking at the board the bios chip is a 25Q64FVSIG, if chip capacity matters.

I’m hoping at minimum to get a 4960X. I also have an E5-1680 V2 that I would like to try to get working on the board as well.
Thank you

Share an spi dump and/or original bios file.
You can try adding cpu mcode and/or ME fw 8.x

EDIT: None of the files have Intel ME FW image on it, whats the FW version you see in your system, hwinfo will tell you. But as i said before, its an AMI IV, you can start to add the IvyBridge mcode, use MMtool 4.x ou UEFI tool, depending on the volume space in insertion you may need or not to delete some existing ones.
Some mcodes cant work with old ME7 and some bioses like yours (4Mb) cant handle ME8 upgrade
Tools and mcodes are linked in the forum.
The FOXCON file is useless here, you cant merge (Cross flash is HIGH RISK) still it has same old Sandy Bridge mcodes and a RTL UNDI DXE/ASMEDIA/JMICRON OROMs, nonexistent in yours.
Some OEM bios update files do not contain the ME FW image on them, this is where the SPI dump by CH341 or Intel FPTtool is (Best method and will know if we can write/read spi regions).

Thank you for the reply.

Sorry. I forgot to add the link to the bios.
The epson bios is below:

The foxconn bios is below:

Thank you for the advice.

I’ve only done minor microcode updates in the past, so that is really helpful for understanding what I can do and what may or may not work. I’ll have to check on the weekend since I’m not currently using the board at the moment. But I’ll make an updated post when I get the FW version.

Thank you again for your help.

EDIT: You mentioned that the board is using a 4MB bios. So even though the chip is a 8MB chip, because the bios is programmed as a 4MB bios, it wouldn’t be able to fit the ME8 in the allocation?

Currently, I’m still waiting for the flasher to arrive so I won’t be able to make a dump quite yet. I also have spare blank bios chips on the way that I can potentially program.


Unfortunately without a manufacturer compatible bios, it’s highly unlikely you will be able to add support for Ivy-E. See for example, this thread and comment: Dumped Bios DX79SR - Question regarding Ivy Bridge - #26 by IntelModder

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