[Request] laptop dead after bios update help to restore

My Lenovo Yoga 300-IBR, Model: 80M1, SN: P200BWVD MTM 80M1001RCK, did not start after bios update.

I bought CH341A programmer and dumped bios and EC chip:

please help to create files for flashing with programmer
link to newest bios for my laptop:

The mistake I did was that I did not check my current bios version. I found this note in details later when it was too late:
[Important updates]
Modify LPC buffer mode according to SEC_GPIO_SUS10 pin.
If your onboard BIOS version is below C7CN27WW(V5.5), please use special update method to flash to C7CN27WW(V5.5) first, then you can use *.exe to do normal BIOS update under Windows.

Please Help