Request Lastest Version of BIOS for HP PROLIANT ML150 G2 server

Hello to you all,I see you have a great site about what I am looking for so here goes.I have in my possession a hp proliant ml150 g2 server the cpu of which has deteriorated.I tried replacing with a newer Xeon one(newer as in comparison to the one it had ofc it still is pretty old) but the new one isn’t recognised and through research I found that it may be possible to make it work if I upgrade the bios version.problem is I can’t get the file from HP since the warranty is long ago expired and they don’t sell carepacks for that one any more.So is it possible anyone can guide me to where I can find it?I searched all over with no luck.

Finding the relevant customer service to see there?

You mean that?…=en&cc=us&cc=us

The latest BIOS seems to be version 2006.06.30 (A) from September 5th 2006. Indeed you need some licence or whatever to download it. The file name is SP33396.EXE with a size of 1.4MB. A quick google search shows open HP FTP links where you can download the file. Seems to be a DOS executable. I have attached it below.

SP33396.rar (1.22 MB)

I have but there is no carepack or warranty for such servers any more so I can’t get it from HP directly.

Thank you very much plutomaniac.Not to sound rude or anything but are you sure it is the same file?The server is to be used for my workplace and I would be having problems if it was not the correct one and the server becomes completely uresponsive.

I explained that above. The file name is the same, the size is the same, the file was downloaded from HP’s FTP site. More proof? Here:

I told you sorry for being cautious.But I don’t want to have issues on my end you understand.It is related to my work and I need it operational.Also any idea of how to instal this without a diskette?I would prefer to use a usb for the flashing.

It’s not a problem, I understand. This is an old machine so I don’t know exactly. However, the file seems to be a DOS executable. So my guess is that you need to boot into a DOS environment and execute it from there. Doesn’t HP have any official guidelines? The fact that it’s a 1.4MB file makes me wonder whether this is a small DOS utility which will write the files at a diskette when run.

It is actually made to be used with a Diskette(which I already made,thanks to you),but HP seriously doesn’t have any other guidelines.Or they are buried in their site somewhere.So I got no idea yet how to boot it.

>Here< is a guide how to create a bootable USB Flash drive for a DOS environment.

>Here< is a guide how to create a bootable USB Flash drive for a DOS environment.

I didn’t make it clear it seems.I can only use a floppy diskette to flash the BIOS,unless anyone here knows how to extract HPs Softpaqs.

You can find the DOS image for a bootable floppy drive >here<.

Thanks really helpful site.Unfortunately I managed to flash the BIOS but no luck.The process was completed succesfully the SERVER works fine but the new processor still isn’t recognised.

It could be that a CPU Microcode update is needed. What CPU are you trying to install exactly? Can you attach us the files that are in the diskette? This DOS executable basically must have extracted them at a diskette. So if we have the actual bios image we can see if it’s modable.

Well the diskette was not mine so I had it returned,unfortunately.I read somewhere that these files can be extracted but I don’t seem to have luck with that.The processor is an Intel Xeon SL84W 3.66GHz/1M/667 Socket PPGA604 CPU which should theoritically work since the BIOS update,which adds support for the latest xeon processors.

Your chipset has 800MHz FSB whereas the Xeon 667MHz FSB. Either this system does not accept 667MHz cpus or the required Microcodes are missing.

So If I manage to extract the files is it possible to mod so it can work?

If you have the actual BIOS image file we can see if it can be modded with the tools already available.

Thank you so much! Worked like a charm.

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