[Request] Latest Firmware for Samsung SSD (model HE103UJ)

where can i find the link to download the firmware version 1AA01119 or higher for the Internal Samsung Spinpoint F1 Raid Edition ? The model number of the drive I have is : “HE103UJ” . I currently have an old version (1AA01114) but want to have the lastest to have better stability for this drive.

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  1. Since the SSD Firmware is not a BIOS module, I have moved your request into the matching Category.
  2. The SSD Firmware is made by the SSD manufacturer. So you should better ask the Company Samsung.
  3. What about doing a Google Search? I found >this< option within a few seconds.

Samsung Spinpoint F Series Internal Drives | Support Seagate US

If the issue is “critical” contact their support for a request, if its a drive from an OEM, there’s more chances of finding a FW

That’s a 1 TB harddisk (not a SSD) that’s been introduced more than 15 years ago?
I’d rather expect it to be at the end of its mechanical live? Ever checked the reallocated sector count or other health data?

No, i have no problems like that . But these are stronger versions of the desktop versions . Still runs without reallocated sectors . These versions (raid edition) are stronger in general . Just want to have latest firmware for optimum stabilty