[Request] Latest Intel ME for ASUS H170-PRO

I want for security reasons the latest intel ME firmware . I currently have version 11.8.55. (3 years old). I am running Windows 11 . The chipset and CPU is an intel H170 chipset with skylake CPU. Where can I download the latest version for the Asus H170-PRO motherboard ? I am currently using the one of the Asus website (3 years old).

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Me Analyzer (https://github.com/platomav/MEAnalyzer/releases)
Asus H170 PRO -> MEUpdateTool_11.8.55.3510_S.zip -> FW -> ME.bin -> -> Consumer H
Intel (Converged Security) Management Engine: Drivers, Firmware and Tools -> B1. (Converged Security) Management Engine - (CS)ME -> CSME 11.8 Consumer H D,A v11.8.86.3909

I noticed that there is only mention of Skylake-H , Kabylake etc in this file, but no Skylake S. I have a Skylake S (I5-6500 desktop model) CPU and motherboard ? Is it safe in this case to update to this new version ? In case it can be done : what is safest to do , via UEFI BIOS or via Windows ?

Its always hard to learn when people ignore shared good info and tools…if u read the guide, u would know that a tool is presented to correctly identify ur ME system (ME Analyser).
Ensure ur using latest bios from ASUS and as optional if not done yet the ASUS ME FW update ( in Windows.
Or straight to latest by the FWupdt tool as guide guidance.

Can anyone tell me which parameters I need to use with the FWUpdateCL tool ? If I do the update to the newest intel ME firmware for my motherboard ? I am not an expert and need some help to get the update done.

Home page -> section: How to update Engine firmware
"The basic usage is FWUpdLcl -allowsv -f update_file_name.bin for (CS)ME >= 7 or FWUpdLcl update_file_name.bin -generic for ME <= 6. Starting from CSME 12+, the main CSME firmware needs to be combined/stitched together with one or more IUPs first before initiating an update/downgrade procedure, as described below. You can see the entire supported parameters by displaying the utility’s help screen via FWUpdLcl -?. You can also see a few basic usage examples via FWUpdLcl -exp. Note that the name of the file to be flashed via FWUpdate does not matter."

I did it yesterday the update but I forgot the parameter "-allowsv " . so I wrote "FWUpdLCL -f INtel…BIN’. My computers still works after the update of the INTel ME (without using the paramter “-allowsv” . Does that mean that everything is ok, or is it better to use the parameter “-allowsv” ?

-allowsv = allow same version (required only if you are upgrading to the same version)