[Request] Latest Microcodes for Toshiba Satellite C660

Hello. Can someone help me I have a intel t4500 with 0001067a-a0c microcontroller socket pga478 and I have a CPU t9600 but when installed the BIOS does not post, can someone tell me if there is any microcontroller update to make it work? Thanks.

Edit: laptop Toshiba satellite c660-11W

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If not mistaken, that laptop uses the Intel GL40, it doesnt support FSB1066, best option would be the Core 2 Duo T6xxx/T8xxx.
And WTF is this: 0001067a-a0c ??? Have you tried google in this??? Do you know what is a microcontroller, seems not.


EDIT: Go read linked thread

Sorry, I mean microcode.

Thanks for your answer. T9500 should also work, no?

Thanks for the answer… but seems you dont like to read humm? If you read the thread i linked, you would know the answer for this by now.
Its supported in some C660, not yours.

I’ve read it, but I didn’t see the answer for my question, sorry :confused:. Can you suggest me the best one for the upgrade?

The best what??? Processor? Didnt you read the users posts there, they have done updates with several models and i already told you, Core 2 Duo T6xxx/T7xxx/T8xxx all FSB800 based ones, NO P8xx or T9xxx FSB1066 based ones.

Ok thanks for your patience and help.