[Request] Legion 5 Pro RTX 3070 increase TDP

Hi guys,

I want to increase the TDP of my mobile GPU. Currently, my RTX 3070 has its power limit at 140w. Looking at the bios through TDP Tweaker, i can see the power limits are 115w and 140w. My question is, can I increase my power limits at 130w and 155w? I used TDP Tweaker to increase the power limits to desired ones, but I’m not sure if will do it, bare in mind TDP Tweaker was meant for Pascal architecture. When I checksum through a hex editor, they are the same but I don’t know if it will work. Is this possible? Do you guys have experience in this matter?

I can provide you the vBios from my card.

140 watt is the max specification for he rtx 3070;

it wont go any higher.

Ok, so no luck like the old mobile GPUs (pascal) where you can input TDP to it? Anyway, many thanks for your input and advice.