[REQUEST] Lenovo Ideapad 3 15ITL6 Unlock Hidden Advanced Menu

Hello, I would like to have my laptop’s advanced menu unlocked in order to access hidden settings such as CfgLock, Overclocking Lock etc. I personally tried both custom Grub Shell thing (setup_var) and also ru.efi but unfortunately both didn’t work. When I pressed Alt+= key (UEFI variables) in ru.efi, my laptop just freezes and won’t respond to any further keypresses.

The following BIOS has been extracted using FPTw64 included in CSME System Tools v15.0 r15 with the following command: fptw64 -D ACTUALonboardBIOS.bin

ACTUALonboardBIOS.zip (7.4 MB)

Overclocking Lock: VarOffset: 0xDF VarStore: 0x3
BIOS Lock: VarOffset: 0x1C VarStore: 0x5