[Request] Lenovo Legion Y540-17IRH Bios Unlocked

@BDMaster ahhh I see. Yes ok, sounds like a plan.

Ok I have just changed the bytes again and am ready to flash.

no make a bios backup and upload it for me, don’t make nothing until i post the bios mod.
Please !!!

@BDMaster I have done clean bios backup flash and then changed NVRAM vars. I then dumped bios and linked is the result. Sorry if I am too dumb to understand the first time .


I named it biosUnlockedvars.bin to not confuse myself with other backups

Ok friends , now we have a cleared Bios and we can reflash it easy !!!
I will explain how to do , but all is the knowledgment of Lost_N_BIOS, God bless you friend !

Yes. @Lost_N_Bios has left us with much knowledge. Hopefully we can apply here and make a modded bios

Yes, Lost_N_Bios good thief:) He can understand the program code he stole:) At least I appreciate it, because other scammers (Big Modder :slight_smile: ) can bit to bit compare only :slight_smile:

@BDMaster were you able to find some other bytes to change or mod because the ones you sent didnt seem to work. :frowning:

@Sweet_Kitten would you happen to know the bytes or lead us towards what we can change on legion y540 bios to get Advanced & Power tabs?

Actually, not. I’m dumb.
Patching method exists, but I can only suggest what can be done with such bios.

in short.jpg

This was an extremely confusing explanation for the average user. The Graph Overview and its presentation were taken from Lenovo Y540. And further I will explain myself with illustrations with the same layout.

Y520-Y540 comparison.jpg

As you can see, in the newer model, the whole branch of operations is moved into a separate "function" and it is simply called in the subroutine. So I thought that it is also possible to find another branch that is responsible for unlock.

this one.jpg

Do not forget that it just came to my mind, and there is no reason why the patch cannot be where it was always done.

excellent work on "how to manage the universe without attracting the attention of psychiatrists"

Hi team, you think if I flash this modded BIOS with a SPI programmer, it will unlock? Thanks

Maybe Black Raven will be so kind and make a proper mod for you, it looks like he can.

@Black_Raven Hi you think you can help us with this BIOS? Thanks

@tompidwell we have yet to find a way to call the subroutine for all the advanced tab features, we do not have working modded bios yet. Even then, in order to keep your GUUID and MAC the same you would need to mod your specific bios dump.

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Hi friend, this is a Guide to unlock variable CFG Lock for CPU …

Hi , you rigth , believe post the wrong link but was on this Chinese website. I want to post the Bios Lock

This from uefi tool "Unicode text "bios lock" found in PE32 image section at offset 67DE2h"