[REQUEST] Lenovo Legion y540-17IRH


I have a Legion y540 and I managed to change some of the settings I wanted by using setup_var with GRUB but it’s not really convenient.
After reading and researching a lot on this forum,I decided to make a request for a modded Bios.

What I’d like:
-disabled HPET
-bclk overclock or at least changable value.It fluctuates between 99.6-99.9
-every possible settings available in BIOS

First try,failed to write the BIOS Region dump because “Protected Range Registers…” but then I changed the following:
-Flash Protection Range Registers-> disabled
-RTC Memory Lock → disabled
-Me FW Image Re-Flash → disabled

Second try,success.So I think I’m able to write it without a programmer.

Thanks! I attached the dump below.

EDIT:Should I disable my changes made in nvram before dumping?

biosreg.zip (3.62 MB)