[Request] Lenovo T440p corrupted Bios

I have a T440p that I recently picked up that is doing the 30min shutdown indicating bad intelME. It looks like the me_cleaner has been run against them. Will the procedure described in the Guide-Clean-Dumped-Intel-Engine-CS-ME-CS-TXE-Regions-with-Data-Initialization post help rebuild it?

I’ve attached the combined SPI dumps and am not sure how to move forward with repairing.

both.zip (2.82 MB)

Well then ull have to learn, the guide is very well documented, txs to Plutomanic and im sure that u, as all the thousand of other users that made it, will be sucess.

Thank you for neither answering the question or being helpful in anyway.

Helpful i was… u just didnt liked the answer, so get ur hands dirty, as we all do.

Use a (better 2 or more) dump(s) of a T440p bios not messed with. Open in FITc, save settings as XML, if those XML files do not differ except for the image paths you might use these settings for the cleaning process…

Found at least one dump here and one at badcaps, settings were almost identical except wireless lan microcode which isn’t relevant.