[Request] Lenovo ThinkPad E330 Edge Bios Mod Required

@Lost_N_BIOS (posting as requested)
*I need to remove WWAN and WIFI whitelist completely so no module will be blocked from using them on that system.

*Remove limitations on RAM speed (If exists on last released from vendor) so it will match the Core i7-3632QM (like previous version of this bios some of them got limitations as such)

*To keep original Main Board data such as serial#, windows license & things like that… you know to keep it as much as possible close to original bios so it would be detected by lenovo vantage app & support site for mostly driver purposes and ease of use.

*maybe change the boot logo of Lenovo old pic to an updated OEM logo of “Lenovo Thinkpad” brand that will be shown while windows boot into windows (you know what i’m talking about? when you install win10 full UEFI mode it changes the windows logo to the OEM company logo & under it is the loading circle of windows)
the cosmetic changes is the least important one, but would be nice:)
Adding a picture of logo that I like:)

Notice, I’m ordering some parts and even found a MB with Nvidia Optimus on board that matches the chassis and connectors, so right now the laptop is disassembled, probably will get all the parts by the end of the week:)


@it.omri - I need a link to the BIOS download page please, and tell me what version you are using.
Do yo have flash programmer, like CH341A or other?

Also, I need to see error on screen that you get when you try to use blocked WiFi or WWAN modules.

O.K… so an update, i have reassembled the laptop
Everything work great!

No need to change the Lenovo logo or to unlock the RAM speed.

The only part i did not receive is the wireless adapter, and I’m guessing i will have to remove white list, so i don’t have the error yet.

this is the product support page:

this the UEFI (Ver. 1.16) i installed (I used the windows app, not the bootable one):

& no, i do not have a programmer at all, is it possible to do it without?

Check this out, i believe this will help you to understand (probably more than me HAHA) if it’s possible and how to do so. most of them says error “1802”, but i will be able to confirm only when the module will arrive.