[REQUEST] Lenovo Y520 15-IKBN 80YY Unlocked InsydeH20 Rev.5 Bios

Hi all,

Unfortunately this tinkering journey i wasn’t able to finish myself. This laptop has a signed BIOS where i only want to unlock the hidden options to be visible trough falseclock EFI method. I have unpacked and extracted the bios so its in FD format where you can read it with UEFI tool i also extracted IFR from Setup Utility. Unfortunately i cant determine what is the offset and the value i need to set in EFI tool on usb to unlock the hidden options and i am afraid since i can still brick my laptop by changing wrong value.
Can someone please help me? Thank you!!

ajmo.txt (1.57 MB)

@Lost_N_BIOS sorry to bother you but i think you are the only one that can help me i simply can find the var offset to unhide the advanced menu

Rly? Nobody?

Hi friend,
let me get more infos, so use this tool execute it as Admin and upload a result file here :


let me know