[Request] Lenovo Y520-15IKBM bios unlock


Bios chip: GigaDevice AH1732 25B64CSIG E7P891

bios version 5XCN26WW (download.lenovo.com/consumer/mobiles/5xcn26ww.exe)


Have ch341A + soic8 clip (MinProgramment chip: WCH ch341a 202386910)

With ch341a programmer 1.34 auto detect bios chip as gigadevice GD25Q64. I saved bios with this settings, is it ok?

Want to unlock all bios menus and if it's possible update microcode (my cpu i7 7700HQ)


lenovo_y520_gigadevice_bios.part1.rar (5 MB)

lenovo_y520_gigadevice_bios.part2.rar (6.44 KB)

Ok. I’ve got modded bios but i have Max Turbo Limit (38/36/35/34) can’t increase this setting in bios want to set it all at 35 or 36 ratio.
Anybody can help with this?

@zelante - You cannot set 35/36 for the other cores, due to Intel design/specs >> https://www.cpu-world.com/CPUs/Core_i7/Intel-Core i7 i7-7700HQ.html
3800 MHz (1 core)
3600 MHz (2 cores)
3400 MHz (3 or 4 cores)

And in those settings in BIOS, each one has to be lower than the one above it, so you are at max CPU can do.
You can try with Turbo disabled, set core max allowed and see what you get per core under idle/load. You may get all to will run at 3.4, or maybe all load at more/less, you have to see

Thank you, but it’s not working with set core max allowed to 35 or 36 …
Have another question: have nvidia gtx 1060 max q edition on this laptop. I want to increase tdp limit on it, is it possible?

Yes, sounds normal, per Intel spec. Sometimes on non-OEM or desktop boards, you can disable turbo and set max turbo directly, but even then still sometimes all core lock to lower than single core max (such as 3.4-3.6 in your case)
It may be possible, if vBIOS is inside BIOS and not on the card itself. I am not sure if 1060 vBIOS is signed/signature checked or not. Can you dump vBIOS with GPU-z? If not, then it’s in BIOS and we can edit.
However, often for laptop, TDP limits are controlled by EC FW, which we can’t edit. But, we can see what happens with mod vBIOS on your card

* Edit - I see vBIOS in BIOS (GP106 E2914 SKU 3 - Version, and it can be edited with Mobile Pascal TDP Tweaker
Here is support/discussion thread - http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/…-thread.806161/

Do you want me to send you the vBIOS so you can edit however you want, then send back and I can put into BIOS for you?

update 1:
I’m trying do it by my self. So i download H2OEZE Open my bios dump with this program and export opRom Module (VID=10DE, DID=1C20)
Then i’m success opened this opRom in Mobile Pascal TDP Tweaker v1.21
After changing Target and Limit saved moded opRom.
Then i’m replace moded opRom in H2OEZE and save as bios_mod.fd

update 2:
Yep! It’s alive!! Flash it and everything working fine. My tdp is updated and unlocked (now i can change power limit by MSI Afterburner).