[Request] Mac Pro 5.1 X5687 X5698 CPU support

Looking to see if it is possible to modify the Mac Pro EFI bios to add support for X5687 and X5698 CPU.

I have attached the latest Bios for the model i have .`

140-MP51.fd.zip (1.7 MB)

Never tried using the forums tools on Mac Pro…it may be possible, but i always used the Apple Microcode Tool from dosdude1.
Theres 2 versions of his tool, this one till mp 3.1 and another to mp4.1-5.1…if im not mistaken.
I will not share his work here, besides being free to use tools.
dosdude1’s Personal Web Server
Confirm it on MacRumors for usage and access passwords

apparently microcode is likely not the issue …it could be the multiplier needs a patch

possibly like this [Solved] [Request]bios mod for evga sr-2

Just noticed now reviewing Mac Pro CPU Compatibility List | MacRumors Forums

  • No, the X5687 (3.6GHz quad-core) and the X5698 (4.4GHz dual-core) do not work in Mac Pros. I don’t want to list every CPU that doesn’t work with a Mac, but these two are asked about often enough to include here, and they’ve been verified as not working.

So you just picked them randomly or had any confirmation by another Mac Pro user?

Still you may ask DeathBringer, also a user from this forum, his opinion. Good luck.

I did ask him…trying to get info now thanks !