[Request] MC Extrator 1.80

Hi all,

can someone provide me with the MC extrator latest version 1.80 (.exe) please? I can not find it.


EXE was depreciated by the developer, latest MCE.EXE was 1.78 if not mistaken but newer DB like DB260 is not compatible with it, requiring MC Extractor (Python) 1.80

B. How to use MC Extractor


How to use MCE.py ?

Same way as the exe but you need to have python correctly installed

(With python installed it’s also possible to compile the script)

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Yep, for simplicity since I had built an executable for another utility the other day you have one attached to this message as well, but if the writer deprecated packaging it for Windows perhaps it’s best to install Python and use the script.

You may come around several others in the same manner, and in any case it requires the database to be present, this just replaces MCE.py.

MCE.zip (5.5 MB)

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thanks guys !
and thank you JRMoore for the mce.exe, it’s really cool!