[Request] MEDION AKOYA E62033 (MD 35322) Bios Update


I currently have a Medion PC with a Intel i5-12400,
but I would like to upgrade to a 13600KF.

The mainboard is a ECS B660H7-M20,
on the website you can download a new bios that supports 13th gen (https://www.ecs.com.tw/en/Product/Motherboard/B660H7-M20/download)

Right now I have bios version B660H7W0X.107 from 2022-02-23 (Medion)

I would like to have the bios from ECS with the Medion boot logo or have my current bios working with intel 13th gen.

And advice on how to update the bios on my medion pc.

I only have experience with SPI Flash Programmer, but I’d like to try something new.


FPT method if FD is unlocked to bios region writing, if not you may try to unlock it or as last resource the method you know…SPI programming.

I was able to make a memory dump file:

Reading HSFSTS register... Flash Descriptor: Valid

    --- Flash Devices Found ---
    ID:0xC27518    Size: 16384KB (131072Kb)

    --- Flash Image Information --
    Signature: VALID
    Number of Flash Components: 1
        Component 1 - 16384KB (131072Kb)
        DESC           - Base: 0x00000000, Limit: 0x00000FFF
        BIOS           - Base: 0x00400000, Limit: 0x00FFFFFF
        CSME           - Base: 0x00003000, Limit: 0x003DCFFF
        GbE            - Base: 0x00001000, Limit: 0x00002FFF
        PDR            - NOT PRESENT
        EC             - NOT PRESENT
    Master Region Access:
        BIOS           - ID: Read: 0xFFFF, Write: 0xFFFF
        CSME           - ID: Read: 0xFFFF, Write: 0xFFFF
        GbE            - ID: Read: 0xFFFF, Write: 0xFFFF
        EC             - ID: Read: 0xFFFF, Write: 0xFFFF

Total Accessible SPI Memory: 16384KB, Total Installed SPI Memory: 16384KB

FPT Operation Successful.

Reading HSFSTS register... Flash Descriptor: Valid

    --- Flash Devices Found ---
    ID:0xC27518    Size: 16384KB (131072Kb)

- Reading Flash [0x1000000] 16384KB of 16384KB - 100 percent complete.
Writing flash contents to file "fulldump_B660H7W0X_107.bin"...
Memory Dump Complete
FPT Operation Successful.

fulldump_B660H7W0X_107.zip (6.6 MB)

Thats it, that’s all you know from these tool operations?

If so, better learn a bit more before messing with a powerful tool that can harm your system cause this tool doesn’t care what is told to do, right or wrong user action.

There’s plenty of reading material on the forum regarding Intel CSME and don’t ask for a “classroom”, if i made myself clear enough.
All the best and good luck.

I normally use the SPI Flash Programmer,
worst case scenario I flash the original bios back.

I just want to give any other solution a try.

But my request was to have a bios file with the Medion efi boot image and have the 13600kf working on this board.