[Request] MEG Z390 ACE Unlock Beta Runner

Please unlock Beta Runner option


@cobra - I already did nice menu edit on this BIOS, to add Chipset to top of OC Section. So, I did this request on top of that BIOS, so now you have Full Chipset menu inside OC section + Beta Runner visible
Wait! This BIOS does not contain Beta Runner, I only see “Dragon Alliance Mode”? And that says >> Only valid for the memory modules approved under Dragon Alliance guidance that offers the optimal performance of overclocking.
So, I guess nothing we can do here. Do you want me to link you to the Chipset menu mod thread so you can grab that BIOS?

Yes, I see bios with unlocked chipset menu. I whant to unlock Beta Runner option, because I whant to overclock Intel Core i7 8700 without K using BCLK settings. Is it possible? Sorry for my bad english

I need bios mod Meg Ace z390 7B12v1B1

Can you share me?