[Request] Mi notebook 14 unlocked bios

Hello. I want to unlock the advanced settings on mi notebook 14. I read and followed some threads of @Lost_N_BIOS and was able to identiy the BIOS LOCK at 0x17.I am attaching my FPT dump.I also ordered a CH314A programmer with SOIC test cable also which should be arriving in a week or so.

biosreg.rar (4.05 MB)

Hello. You don’t need to wait for a programmer if you send me a copy of your BIOS variables so that I can disable Flash Protection Range Registers for you. H2OUVE_200.00.01.00.zip

@Sweet_Kitten I see the bios editor u sent is for Insyde Bios editor. But I am not even sure which bios is this. Any idea how to check which bios is this ? It definitely doesn’t seem to be AMI. I already attached the bios dump earlier. I am now attaching the IFR txt file obatianed by extracting with IFR extractor tool.

File_DXE_driver_DriverSampleDxe_SetupUtility IFR.txt (1.72 MB)

Your BIOS is INSYDE. And using the program for its intended purpose won’t unlock the advanced settings, run “GET VARS.bat”. For flashing and modification, I need nothing but bios dump and variables (vars.txt) dump.

@Here is the vars txt file u asked for @Sweet Kitten. Is the bios dump good or is it missing anything?

vars.txt (181 KB)

It’s good. I’ll modify it tonight.

Take your own free time. No need to hurry. Everything is locked in Intel XTU except some settings of Turbo Boost . Is it possible to unlock other XTU settings like voltage mode , offset etc? One last thing I attached the picture of present bios settings as I doubt its Insyde !


This is the first time I modify BIOS of Mi Notebook 14, so the advanced settings may not appear after installation.
Try this, @dinosnore
DOWNLOAD. Extract the contents of the archive to a separate folder.
1. Set variables and reboot.
2. Flash bios.

@Sweet_Kitten It flashed successfully. The only change I found in bios is secure boot got enabled after flashing the attached bios.


I updated the BIOS which you could download from the same link. Try again, for the last time. If nothing changes, then I’m afraid I have no way to unlock it.

Unfortunately there are no changes after flashing the updated bios second time @Sweet_Kitten