[Request] Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Bios

Hello everyone,

Apologies for my bad English.

I have a Microsoft surface pro 4 i5 8GB with the X911788-009 motherboard.

The bios got corrupted. It was stuck on the surface logo with a red padlock up top. I was able to request for a bios dump online. The dump I got now makes my sp4 somewhat usable but the wifi is not working and the system info on the uefi page is incorrect.

I have learned how to use a spi flash tool but do not have the knowledge to modify or rebuild a bios file. Is it possible to rebuild the original (corrupted) bios based on my somewhat working dump?

corrupted.zip (5.9 MB)
online dump.rar (3.5 MB)

Thank you

I had a short look into online dump.rar and a deeper look into corrupted.zip

Both files do have a completely corrupted NVRam- normally I’d suppose a bad read but the static parts of the bios region of corrupted are a 100% identical to the latest MS firmware.

Try the attached file, it has an empty NVRam- so machine specific data have to recovered afterwards.

Please flash the file and read it back in a separate read, save this control- dump with another name and compare it with the original file you were trying to flash, they should be a 100% identical.

Booting may be delayed and several boots might be needed.

SP4-3.zip (5.9 MB)

Hello good day,

I tried flashing SP4-3 but it got me the same result as the online dump. The device did power cycle a few times then I was greeted with a system update screen. I did reboot the device a couple of times but got the same result.

After a couple of reboot I proceeded to dump the flashed SP4-3 to SP4-3-dump-after-reboot and compared the files using hexcmp (my first time using the software), it did show that the dump is no longer identical to the initial file (possibly due to the update screen I got during initial boot).

I then reflashed SP4-3 and dumped the file without powering on the device just to make sure that my SPI programmer is flashing and reading without any error. After comparing SP4-3 and SP4-3-dump-without-turning-on they are identical.

I am trying to learn how to use intel FIT to modify the bios. Is there any step I need to do after I build the bios from FIT? Every attempt I make to build the bios causes the touch function to stop working. I even tried just opening a bios that I know the touch works and immediately building without making any change but the end result is still the touch function breaking.

Appreciate the help. Thank you!

NVRam was ‘properly’ rebuild- of course all the machine specific entries are dummies.

All under the marked padding in the first picture is static code and redundant, every volume is there twice identical, even the non- empty padding between the last volumes is redundant. All those reduntant parts are identical and in addition are a 100% identical to stock bios.

I don’t think your problem is ME related. If you desperately want to rebuild, follow this guide:

But modify it according to:

if you loose the touch pad.

What does ‘system update screen’ mean? Can you take a picture?

I’ll look into the provided resources. I really appreciate your help on this. Thank you.

hey i have the same problem please help me to get it work
my original dump ( https://file.io/aZt82VmulHJn ) i have flashed this file from this post an no touch in the uefi are no serial number
can someone can repair my coruppted image ?