[Request] Minor mod for X99 Sabertooth

Hey guys. So, I need help with getting QEYA sample (stepping B0) working on Asus X99 Sabertooth. Don’t know literally anything about modding the bios rom itself. Need the mod because the board doesn’t post with this sample, and that is the only fully working LGA2011-3 CPU i have. Would appreciate any guidance, and if somebody decides to make a ready to use rom, it’d be just perfect. Thanks in advance.

Please test first BIOS on Asus website, does that work with the CPU or no? What about 3004 BIOS?
Latest BIOS has 306F1 microcode in it, if that is the correct CPUID for this CPU, if it’s 306F0 then we may need to add this, but even then it still may not work.
So best to first test initial BIOS release, and maybe 3004, to see if it works with only 306F1 too, if so they something in between then and now has removed compatibility for ES/QA samples.

Or, since this is Xeon, it may need Xeon Mod, Microcodes removed etc. Have you seen anyone running this CPU on this model?
* Edit - Says compatible here, are you 100% Sure the CPU is functional, tested on other system? “New” purchase, or purchase used from other user that says it works is not confirmation that it’s working

Yes, i am totally sure it’s fully functional. Just tested it on an off-brand chinese motherboard… Well, i know for sure that there’s a problem with this mobo, but it is unrelated to CPU functionality. Didn’t try early bios yet, but i certainly will as soon as i can get Sabertooth to launch with half-dead 1650v3 that i am aiming to replace


P.S.: I am actually not that stupid, i thought about downgrading BIOS, bus didn’t know what version to try.

Update 1: Downgrading BIOS version from 3071 to 3004 seems to have helped. It posts now and boots from NVME drive succeswfully… Things remaiining to test: 4-channel memory support, high-end GPU support, general stability, BCLK overclock

Update 2: QEYA is perfectly stable with random all-core load for straight 10 hours, quad-channel is working, works with GTX1070 just fine too. Remaining to test: BCLK OC

@AlexGFrank - Nice to see you got it working finally! Was that with the QEYA too?
And BTW, I didn’t mean to make it sound like you were dumb or stupid, sorry if anything I said sounded that way, I was just rattling off thoughts and info while in a hurry

Don’t be sorry, strong self-irony is just my thing
Yes, QEYA works fine now, ran a stability test (i.e. BeamNG with 16 cars controlled by AI) overnight and it didn’t crash. Also quad channel works too at least for now. Didn’t try BCLK OC tho. And after BIOS downgrade 1650v3 seems to be finally completely broken, randomly losing 1 to 4 memory channels. But that doesn’t matter anymore

Great to hear you got it all sorted then, nice