[Request] Mod ASRock 110M DVS BIOS to support BGA Socket CPU

Hello guys. My name is Mohammed and I’m new to the CPU modding community.
I’ve bought a qnct bga to lga CPU about 4 years ago and the seller sent me the bios for a z170 sabertooth mark 1.
Now I need to replace the motherboard with an H110m DVS ver 1.0 and the seller is not to be found. Other sellers refuse to send me a bios file because I didn’t get it from them.
Can you guys please help me with the bios file please.

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Welcome to the Win-Raid Forum!
If you want to get a modded mainboard BIOS, you have to attach or give a link to the original BIOS.

AFAIK the manufacturer of H110M DVS Series mainboards is the Company ASRock, but according to >this< page a BIOS for the Revision R1.0 has never been released by ASRock.
Good luck!
Dieter (alias Fernando)

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