[Request] Mod ASUS Z9PE-D16-10G BIOS

I am sure that i need help with bios modding either with understanding.
Im sorry, if didnt look good in posts for my answer.
I have 2 similar motherboards ASUS Z9PE-D16-10G dual. And both of them have some issues with uefi boot mode (even the logo isnt shown during this type of boot).
Its unstable with or without installed pci devices.I even updated gop driver in vbios of card. <br />I have little experience with UBU,and i managed to update all modules i could(lan/raid) and microcode. <br />My question starts here : there is similar MB ASUS Z9PE-D16. It had better ASUS support, and the latest bios is dated 2017 year. <br />As i know,this board doesnt have such uefi boot problems. Mostly this motherboards are similar, except 10g-dual have 2 sfp+ ports onboard. Is there any way to get modules responsible for this difference in stability with uefi from bios of z9pe-d16 to the ASUS Z9PE-D16-10G dual ?

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Here’s the latest 5503 bios with mCodes/Lan updated
No AST GOP update available and iRST 3.x is the latest, same versions as the 2017 bios of the ASUS Z9PE-D16

Use it at your OWN risk only.

@ZinkHRT Seems that the boards are quite identical- differences are storage and network. You can’t transfer single elements of the pre-uefi environment without compiling the bios again. So only solution here would be to adapt the other bios to your boards.

Open both bioses in UEFIToolNE, compare the structure, and the volumes/ modules one by one, pei and dxe and other volumes.

Run both files in UBU, compare the results. Orom modules and dxe drivers can possibly be added/ removed if relevant for function.

Check for ME differences, this is SPS2, no tools available. SPS3 can be configured as node manager or silicon enabling, might be the same for SPS2, maybe you’d have to transfer ME region.

If that all looks promising get a CH341 programmer and some 8 MByte/ 64Mbit SPIs, afaics your board has socketed SPI, program a chip with the newer bios, see what happens. Be careful to make valid(!!) backups of your own bios chip first, there’s some information like possibly MAC addresses you wouldn’t want to loose.

@MeatWar I think it’s the bios basecode ZinkHRT is referring to.

BTW Orom and UEFI driver for AST can be updated, latest for AST 2300 is 1.10, but it’s not that easy since there are different versions according to which video connectors the board provides… Has to be done manually, Asus has at least for a P9D-I the orom in addition to CSM in padding, too, reason is unclear to me.

Dear @lfb6 thank you very much for your answer! But im not so skilled in this type of manipulations. I understand the concept,but dont have practice. So that is the reason why is my post in the Bios Moding Request part of forum. I have spare bios chips with a dump,so it wont be a problem to give a try to modified bios. So if anyone is skilled enough,and have a will to help me with this,i would be much appreciated and could make a reasonable donation for his help.

I got it,but can anyone help me to find out which parts of AMI IV bioses are responsible for uefi videocard compability?