[Request] Mod Dell Latitude E6540 BIOS

hello. good day!
i’m in need of some help regarding my dell e6540.

it’s AMD GPU is fried and everytime windows forces a driver update. the system becomes unusable. same with linux. the amd GPU is causing the system to be very unstable sadly.
I’m looking for a bios modification that will permanently disable the GPU if possible.
I’ve seen this https://egpu.io/forums/builds/2013-15-de…5-win10-nando4/

EDIT here is some more info. seems like the people at NANDO4 hijacked the thread/files so it’s kinda unusable? here is the info anyways https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/t…-unlocking/&
which shows that it IS possible to remove/disable the dedicated dgpu on a bios level.
BUUUUT it’s a paid utility. which is a bit meh
I’m also looking for any CPU control if possible?

the system is using a core i7 4800mq.
which is an unlocked CPU.
in windows with throttlestop. you can overvolt/overclock/force always on 3.6 GHz turbo boost and all that stuff.
since the goal of this system is to run some sort of linux (which does not have any of these tools) i’d need something on a firmware level.
the system will be running cpu intensive programs. the laptop has a modified cooler so any and all heat should be 0 problem (currently max temp full load is 45c)
i found this thread https://www.overclock.net/threads/mod-ex…-hq-to.1596519/
which has some info on a bios level mod for a cpu microcode glitch to allow more performance.

I’m not sure what bios this system is based on. i checked around the weird bios but no mention of the author sadly. EDIT! checked HWINFO64. it’s based on American megatrends. UEFI bios capable.
i do know it’s a FULL? UEFI-supported bios.
i got the exe here that the system uses to update it’s bios.
but I got hardware bios flashing utilities here to force flash bios modifications. and incase of a brick. restore the system.
I’m not sure if this system has a signed bios since I did not find much on google (all I found was the dell was suddenly using signed bios in 2019/2020?)

I’ve attached a zip file with the latest available bios from dell. (system is not running that yet. but system does support downgrading)
thank you a lot in advance for your help!
if you need any info/files let me know. i can try to extract the bios directly from the chip if it’s needed.

EDIT 2 is it possible to remove the “fan malfunction” error in the bios? it halts post at random. the fan’s rpm reporting circuit is broken but the fan works fine. but annoying to have to bypass it every so often mid reboot

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Hello, I will mod your BIOS, but I dont see any file atached, I need a BIOS dump from your system, then I will try to mod it, keep im mind that if the bios is rsa signed you cant do much.