[Request] Mod Dell Optiplex 7080 Micro BIOS

I got a good deal on a machine from a recycler, said it had an admin bios password and i also noticed computrace was enabled, looking to get it cleared up and see if there are any additional features I can enable

I purchased a CH341a Programmer and the chip on the board is a 16 pin Winbond 25Q256JVFQ, i can’t exactly get the software to work correctly, i don’t see that EXACT chip in the list so i picked the closest ones 25Q256JV (theres a few of these) and did a chip read and all I can get are Fs. If someone could help me dump this chip that would be great. If the exact chip is not listed in the programmer software does that mean it wont work?

I found the datasheet for the winbond chipset and now im even more confused as to how to hook this up to the programmer, am i going to have to rearrange the wiring on the clip to make the proper connections?


i will gladly make a donation to someone if they can help me get this bios dumped

Or if quite simply someone is able to help me figure out which pins on the chip connect to which pins on the programmer that would be a huge help, i tried comparing a typical 8 pin to a 16 pin winbond chip and the 16 pin model has a completely different layout so i don’t think the SOIC16 clip will work as simply as it should unless im mistaken. Also, how do i know if i need to use a 1.8v adapter or not? I’ve linked the datasheet above.

Are you making fun of the users in the forum??? Seems likely… or you’re a lazy person.
What do you read on the pdf file? Do you the operation voltage as 1.8V? Isn’t there described that the SPI operations requires 3V (2,6V to 3,6V).
How about the tables in page 6 and 7… does they mean anything to you???

I’m sorry what ?? Making fun of users in what manner? You must be misunderstanding me somehow(language barrier perhaps?). Also, lazy has nothing to do with this… I’m inexperienced and looking for help.

The tables on page 6 and 7 do not mean a whole lot to me, but i’ve done my best to try and decipher exactly which ones i need and where to put them with no luck, I know the layout is not standard as compared to a typical 8 pin configuration, so that’s not quite plug and play with the programmer