[Request] Mod for bypass "Press F1 for continue" in 3020m

Previous info: Flash ROM DELL 3020M Micro and more history here:

1.- Received computer with wrong bios (3020 desktop), then i tried fix flashing extracted with ftpw.exe bios.bin and then (i killed it) black screen
2.- With a ch341a programmer flash this rom: optiplex-3020m-a15-bin-zip and not works, system power on but without video.
3.- Downloaded 3020 A15 rom from anywhere (for desktop model) flash it and works partially; system boots, but missing ethernet, and several errors or alerts at startup.
4.- Tried update or flash the correct bios version with official utility but is not possible because says "this rom is for different model"

Actually my optiplex 3020m micro is working fine with 3020 A15 (rom for minitower o desktop) but still have those problems:

-alert for rear fan (the 3020m only have a cpu fan)
-alert about front I/O cables
-hangs about 1 minute before of DELL boot screen

The link for download bios is: https://dl.dell.com/FOLDER05640884M/1/OptiPlex_3020M_A15.exe help @Lost_N_BIOS (for please) to extract the bios files from correct bios for flash with the programer.

@Lost_N_BIOS any idea ?

Or if no possible fix ethernet device problem, at least you can help me to hide the errors?

Attached partially working bios.

Hi, again there.

I made some progress:

Ethernet device not was working because ME version; with UEFITool extract Me region from A15 bios and replace in the 3020 Desktop bios (without M), flashed it with flashrom and now ethernet is FIXED.

The biggest problem is i can’t found a “real” extracted full rom for 3020m, but almost all functions works fine with the rom from 3020 model (without m) except these remain issues:

-Remove alerts for rear fan and front I/O Cables (Bypass “Press F1 to Continue”)

-AC Recovery setting in bios is OFF but when i connect the power supply to 3020m Computer it self Power ON

@Lost_N_BIOS please helpme

Attach 3020 rom with working ethernet.

3020ne.zip (4.33 MB)

I tried severals ways (remove or replacing sections) for bypass f1 error and nothing worked. I unknow what module edit or remove if someone have a chance to check my bios, thanks.

Now Integrated Realtek ALC255 (ALC3224) detect speakers or headphones connected to front panel, replaced two Audio.dxe related modules.

Attach 3020 rom with working ethernet, audio and corrected system name.

3020nes.zip (4.36 MB)

I’m in the same boat sort of, trying to remove these warnings after replacing fans. Did you make any progress since last time?

I guess this kind of BIOS modding is very difficult/different compared to the normal modding thats done like updating RST and such.

Hope you have good news!