[Request] Mod Gigabyte Z370M D3H BIOS

Hello everyone, I have this motherboard with f14 bios. My CPU is an i7 8700k which I keep permanently at 5ghz. I wanted to know if you could mod my bios to have all the various firmware updated including the cpu microcode and if it was possible to add a way to activate or deactivate the nvme. Thank you.

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Do you have any experience in bios mods and recovery of failed mod bios, on this motherboard or Gigabyte motherboards if the Dual Bios doesn’t quick in automatically?

I’ve never used custom bios. Always installed those from Gigabyte without any problem. I just wanted to know if someone experienced could modify the latest f14 bios by inserting all the latest firmware and the best microcode CPU because I also noticed a slight degradation in performance. Furthermore, it would be interesting to have the possibility of activating or deactivating nvme units via bios. I would also like to know if you can have the Aorus bios theme. Thank you

Well… a mod bios IS NOT an official bios file and unpredictable results may happen to the motherboard… including a “death” system or you really dont understand nothing of this?

Only a user that has done the same mod, flashed it and can share it with you, can give you a more reliable change of everything works as intended.

The issue here is not the mod, its a user that doesnt understand this and can get a bricked motherboard due to a forum shared file and blames the forum or the user.

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