[REQUEST] mod to downgrade an ASUS Prime B450M-GAMING/BR bios by 2 versions

Hi people.

I don’t know if what I’m about to ask is possible, but simply put, I wanted to downgrade my bios. I don’t need to any fancy mods.

The thing is, I have the board stated in the title. As an aside note, I contacted ASUS right when I bought this board to know what is the difference between it and the Prime B450M-A, as they look exactly the same except the colour. ASUS replied me said they’re the exact same board - I don’t know if I should trust them though, as I tried updating my bios using the B450M-A files and EzFlash said they were not compatible. Besides, Asus support often don’t know what they’re talking about.

Now, on to the problem I have:

Simply put, I was on BIOS version 2202, all working fine. Then it was updated to 2409 and I updated it. Immediately after flashing I began experiencing bugs, the most annoying of them being:
1. Sometimes POST won’t detect USB keyboards. If that happens, I have to connect the keyboard to another port or it won’t work on that one, even if I reboot the PC
2. If I choose less than 256MB of RAM for the Ryzen APU, it will use 2GB instead.

None of these was present before. Also, starting in this version (2409), I can’t downgrade using EzFlash.

I contacted ASUS, and apparently 2202 was the last stable BIOS released. They told me to update to the newest beta release (2603), but it didn’t fix the bugs and now ASUS wants me to RMA the board. The problem is that this board is a new one I got as a replacement for a defective brand new one I bought , and their RMA is slow and cumbersome. I’d rather buy another board if I needed to RMA this one.

So in fact, all I wanted was to be able to go back to 2202 and forget about these updates, as I won’t be putting a Ryzen 5000 in them, so I thought that maybe modifying the 2202 file so as to downgrade from 2603 to it would work, but I don’t know if that’s possible of how to do that.


I would like to downgrade this same board, any news?