[Request] Modded Acer Predator PH317-55 BIOS unlock

Hello, I would like to ask whether you can turn on XMP in the advanced menu or reduce the memory time by overclocking memory?

I want to unlock the hidden advanced settings of the BIOS, anyone would like to help me? my bios version is 1.06.The old topic in the forum cant download the files.I’m waiting online
Here is “results” created by backup_tools and"vars" created by "GET VARS"

Edit: What’s more,I use this version 1.05 zip to unlock my bios.But as long as my second reboot,it will recovery to locked version 1.06 bios

Would you please upload the bios unlock files again for me?Named Xyoung.zip.Thank you very much

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@Sweet_Kitten I’m new in here.I really need your help

@Sweet_Kitten Hello.Is it possible to disable Intel Hyper-Threading Technology with the hidden settings of the BIOS?

It is possible even without them being unlocked.

@Sweet_Kitten Well,I think I’ve done my best.Thanks for your video guide.


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@Sweet_Kitten hi bro, I want unlock bios ,I wonder if the copy of the vars was created through software or the command line, because I know so little about it。

@scyum xyoung,are u chinese Tmy computer model is the same,can u help me?i cant get the vars.text,and when Runing the BACKUP_Tools program to obtain a backup of my BIOS,Some errors occurred。can u help me?

@Sweet_Kitten hi when we Run the BACKUP_Tools program to obtain a backup of my BIOS,Some errors occurred,as follows

,I want know that means ?My software is not working wrong, or something else

The write error is because the device locks the register. You just need to send the backup /vars.txt now. If Sweet_Kitten can see it

I want to know how vars.txt is derived,by CMD commands or software?I am first exposed to this,I have found information on the Internet and there is no way to prompt,The bios file I backed up doesn’t have get VARS .bat this file。

VARS.bat. in front of the subject.

Hello. Ask someone else. Sorry for that.
In my country there is such a thing as military duty. I’m preparing for it and I will be in the army very soon. So, I won’t be online on win-raid or bios-mods or anywhere else for a long time.

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I’m sorry, my bios version is the same as signeos, can you send me that file again?

@Sweet_Kitten did you come back?
I need help with unlocking as well…
My main problem is that my ngff ssd is not recognised.

Which laptop do you have @ASDosjani? Is it also a Predator PH317-55?

I may be able to help, I’d need to look at a dump of the BIOS, but I could guide you through it. Worst case scenario, I’m not able to and you’d need to wait for another person to give it a shot :man_shrugging:t2:

Hi, thanks for your help but I replaced my SSD with an nvme and it’s working now. Although, it’s a bummer that Acer doesn’t support it by default…

Yes, it kind of reminds me of the format wars that had happened over the years (Betamax vs VHS, HD-DVD vs Blu-Ray), these days it’s SATA and NVMe the ones that are mainstream, NVMe even added support for mechanical drives in the specs for some reason… mSATA was another casualty in the war.

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