Request: Modded BIOS for ASUS Sabertooth X79

Sorry to bring this thread back from the past guys but I just recently did a google search on the raid-0 X79 problem and hence I am here. I have a Asus Sabertooth X79 also. My question is where could I find the modified bios with the OROM(or one more recommended?) I could really use it as I have 3 SSDs in my system and two of those I would certainly love to raid with TRIM passing.

If you post a link to a download of the latest version of your motherboard’s BIOS, I’ll mod it with the OROM for you (or with the latest 12.7 OROM, if you want).

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Since your request is “BIOS modding” related and has nothing to do with the topic “Drivers”, I have moved your post and the answer done by Coldblackice into the “BIOS Modding Guides and Problems” section of the Forum and gave it a new title (which can be modified by you without any problem).

  1. I only offer Intel RAID ROM modules and the needed guides how to get them into the BIOS, but not already updated/modded BIOS files. Otherwise I would have just wasted my time to write all my guides.
    So I am sorry and hope for your understanding, that I will not modify your ASUS sabertooth X79 BIOS myself.
  2. If you want to get TRIM in RAID0 support with your X79 chipset system, you have
    • either to use an original ASUS BIOS with the option to configure the onboard Intel X79 SATA RAID Controller as DEV_2822 instead of the usual DEV_2826
    • or to flash a BIOS with an especially X79 modified Intel RAID ROM module, which you can get >here<.


You can also find the ASUS Sabertooth X79 modded bios here:…or-TRIM-in-RAID. I am running the modded 4005 version with the 11.2 driver on my Sabertooth X79. I have two raid 0 drives set up (one for the operating system on the 6 GB sata ports and one for a swap file for Windows and Photoshop on the 3.0 GB sata ports) and only the 11.2 driver recognizes my second raid 0 drive as being comprised of ssd’s.

Thanks for moving this thread Fernando and I do completely understand and thank you for this forum. I’ve learned a great deal about AHCI, bios modification and RAID since I found this forum yesterday evening. I’ve been reading posts nonstop! I’m probably going to use the modified 4005 version that Lance linked but I’ve already downloaded the tools to start learning how to modify my own so I won’t have to be dependent on others to do so in the future.

Cold I really appreciate the offer it was very nice of you to make it.

Lance, thanks for posting that link. More extremely useful information.

I do however have a few questions. I am going to use the Asus Sabertooth 4005 modified bios with the patched OROM. I noticed Fernando that you have modded RST(e) drivers on your forum available for download. Will those work and allow TRIM to pass? Or should I install the 64bit Intel RST AHCI & RAID driver v11.2.0.1006?

After recommending the preferred driver will I be able to run the RSTe control panel and enable Write-back cache? Would I follow the directions you gave Lance here Fernando?

Thank you for your time and knowledge guys, you don’t know how appreciative I am of it.

So you have an Intel X79 mainboard, but what do you mean with "patched"? Is your Intel SATA RAID Controller shown within the Device Manager as DEV_2826 or as DEV_2822 ("Properties" > "Details" > "Property" > "HardwareIDs")?

Yes, all original/modified Intel RAID drivers from v11.x.x.xxxx up (except v12.5.0.1066) do support the TRIM in RAID0 feature.

Yes and yes.