[REQUEST] Modded BIOS for OMEN by HP - 17-an101na

Hello guys,

i am trying to use an egpu on my notebook, connecting EXP GDC to m.2 port instead of the WLAN card.
Seems that i need to get a BIOS unlocked and without devices whitelist as the external GPU is not showing on device management.
This is the model OMEN by HP - 17-an101na.
Thanks a lot.

EXP GDC on a HP machine…WLAN slot…eGPU…mod bios…good luck with that endeavor.

Do you have an advice to overcome this? :confused:
I need a better graphic card to work and play games.

No i do not…regarding a closed chassi, laptop, HP machine and Chinese inventions.
Better find an external solution by the proper communication data ports, gluck.

You mean using a normal EGPU chassis like the one from razer that connects with thunderbolt?