(REQUEST) Modded driver to force install rtx cards on win10 1607 (LTSB) build

Hello, we have 5 servers in our company with proprietary software that works only on Windows LTSB 1607, we cannot update or reinstall windows on those systems.
Now we need to update gpu’s on each system. We have very good offer on rtx 2080 ti now and we need to install them into each server.
We need modified driver to support rtx 2080 ti on windows 10 1607. It can be any version between 430.86 and 452.22. I don’t really care about rtx functionality. Now systems are working with gtx 1080 ti and 430.86 driver.
I am ready to pay USD50 or even more to anyone who will help me.

Yes I know that it is possible: https://msfn.org/board/topic/179590…or…on-1607/page/2/

Thanks in advance.

Ok. So halohalo on msfn forum stated that any driver before 430.86 can be easily modded to support rtx on 1607. He modded nvlddmkm.sys to prevent the unloading process. It also needs to be test-signed