[Request] Modded TPM Firmware (downgrade Infineon 9665 FW)

I’m coming from here…

Since I discovered all the issues with TPM versions, now I need to mod .bin file to change internally version number and bypass flasher messages to make a downgrade.

There is any tool to make it possible? I uploaded the file to help searching the answer.

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TPM20_5.62.3126.0_to_TPM12_4.43.258.0.rar (285 KB)

@snowind :
You can open and modify the hex code of any BIOS module by using any Hex Editor (e.g. the tool HxD v2.1).

Hello Fernando:

I will try it. Yesterday I modify the version number with another editor but Infineon flasher identified it like corrupted file.
There is any trick to avoid this issue?
I’m not an expert on this area, but I will try with HxD tool.

Flasher.rar (214 KB)

@snowind :
You can only flash a complete BIOS file, but not a simple BIOS module.
If you want to change the code of a certain BIOS module, you have to extract it by using a tool like the UEFITool.
After having done that, you can change the code by using a tool like HxD. Don’t forget to correct the checksum! The original GUID of the module has to stay untouched!
The next step is the replacement of the original module by the modded one (has to be done with a BIOS tool like the UEFITool).
As last step you can try to get the modded BIOS properly flashed (for details look into the start post of >this< thread.

Thanks @Fernando this is very useful

Only have to say that I have not to modify the BIOS-UEFI (this time). This firmware is from TPM 2.0 with Infineon chip. My motherboard is a MSI 970A-G43 PLUS with TPM 1.2 support and physical module head. I have two possible scenarios:

1- Modify the UEFI and get support of TPM 2.0 (but MSI says to me bye bye , and the info I got here in the forum says that is virtually impossible to insert the TMP 2.0 BIOS module or code from another MSI motherboard product).

2- Downgrade the physical TPM 2.0 module firmware to get 1.2 full support with this board. Issue is that I’m on a “special” firmware version and I need to modify one number on the version to make the downgrade possible.

I need help. I don’t know how to correct the checksum in a binary file…

I changed two values with HxD, only two numbers (red colour).


If anybody can modify for my this file (see first post) and change both final 0 of version numbers to 2 (see #6 post, TPM20_5.62.3126.0_to_TPM12_4.43.258.0 ----->TPM20_5.62.3126.2_to_TPM12_4.43.258.2) and give back to me modified and with checksum corrected (to avoid flasher “corrupt file” error) I will thank you!
I’m not able to do it…

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@Fernando your decision is perfect.
Maybe you can help me with this thread. I’m lost with this binary modification to get flash possible.

@snowind :
Please attach the original (not modded) *.bin file.
I would like to test, whether the UEFITool corrects the checksum automaticly while inserting or replacing an Option ROM module.


You have the file on post #1 and modification needed on #7
Thanks a lot

@snowind :
I generally do not modify BIOSes or BIOS modules on request.
If you want help from my side regarding the checksum correction, please attach the original *.bin file and the one, which has been modified by you (except the checksum correction).
Additional question: Where did you get the original *.bin file?

Sry to steep in… i do believe that the user has problems with a modified BIN file of a TPM module FW that he owns and was flashed at his own will, based on shared info from another user, its not a bios file.
The user can correct me if im wrong.

Initial post from user: (REQUEST) MSI 970A-G43 PLUS TPM 2.0 SUPPORT MOD

Shared info by another user: (REQUEST) MSI 970A-G43 PLUS TPM 2.0 SUPPORT MOD

@MeatWar not exactly.
I bought a TPM 2.0 module, and I like to downgrade it to 1.2 via software.
Firstly I updated between versions based on 2.0, totally official, not mod inside.
The other user give to me a compressed file with Infineon TPM flasher and lot of versions, all official, both to update and downgrade too. Only some combination possible.
Issue is that I can’t officially downgrade from my TPM 2.0 version to 1.2, I told the issue on both posts. This is the reason because I want the mod.


I get the files from another user, he uploaded one copy of Infineon flasher and a lot of official combinations of upgrade and downgrades.
Infineon since 2017 has not more updates because now every brand make the changes, not Infineon.
I uploaded the files into a rar file, the original has the end of the file name on "0", the mod ones has number "2".

TPM downgrade mod.rar (570 KB)

@snowind :
MeatWar is right - I thought, that your *.bin file is a mainboard BIOS module (I didn’t read all posts of the related threads).
Since it is obviously a Firmware for a specific TPM device, I cannot help you at all. I have never tried to modify a device’s Firmware.

Some troubles with my English and both your messages and @MeatWar
This is not a mainboard BIOS module. It is a TPM module that plugs into a motherboard header.
It is a specific firmware for TPM device, mine is an external TPM module with 14-1 pins.
It is not a BIOS module! My MSI motherboard has TPM 1.2 BIOS module into UEFI, this is another thing! This is the reason: my MSI motherboard with TPM 1.2 module “into” the BIOS sees the TPM 2.0 physical module on UEFI menu when I plug it, but it doesn’t work on Windows, there is a lot of similar cases over internet.
Infineon flasher works over Windows and it sees the physically inserted module.
I need a “forced” downgrade to v4 (TPM 1.2). In my particular case, there is no file to downgrade from v5 to v4, it is not on official possible combinations (but I think we can force it).

For Infineon chip:

TPM 1.2 module - 4.x firmware
TPM 2.0 module - 5.x firmware

UEFI with TPM 1.2 needs TPM 1.2 module (4.x firmware)
UEFI with TPM 2.0 needs TPM 2.0 module (5.x firmware)

Sometimes TMP module is solder into the board, for example notebooks. Firmware update is allowed independently of motherboard.
Sometimes board brand updates UEFI TPM 1.2 to 2.0 support, so both BIOS update and firmware update are needed.
Sorry my English and I hope you can help me!

More info:


@maxdarksol Now, with this all information, can you help me modding the file that I need?

The chip that has my TPM module: