[Request] Modding ASRcok B150M Pro4 BIOS for Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5

Hey guys!

So a local site suggested me to buy this CPU for my MOBO to run games smoothly with my Vega 56. The only problem is I didn’t check the compability list inbefore buying the CPU. After replacing the CPU fine the PC just wouldn’t boot up at all (currently I have an i5-6500, works perfectly).

After a brief surfing I found this forum thread but since this whole modding BIOS for MOBOS stuff (Did a few Android flash tho) is all new for me I have no clue what they talk about and what should I do step-by-step, from beginning to the end.

So far I could download Intel Flash Image Tool v12 from here and get to this point:


I don’t know what else should I do, the only way I flashed BIOS so far is the common way to upgrade firmware.

I have the latest 7.30 BIOS fw for my MOBO (if this info helps at all.)