[Request] Modding BIOS HP 280G4 Microtower (Chipset H370) to use i7 8700B

Hello guys

I want to mod BIOS my HP desktop model is 280g4(h370) to use I7 8700B
I have a programmer CH341A
i got .bin bios file here:
BIOS 280g4 Latest .rar - Google Drive
Thanks so much <3 <3

mcode is present on bios, ask the chinese who you bought the package.
And HP machines almost every mods are not made from HP files, only dumps and even so it can break the system, most of them must be flashed with CH341 or Intel FPT with unlocked spi regions/ME jumper on board.
HP machines bioses are now part of the most difficult bioses to mod due to internal HP security.

EDIT: The “smart” chinese that will get your money can answer that.

Thanks for your reply
I saw H370 Chipset , support I7 8700B (BGA1440) . So can i install it without any modding BIOS ?

Bad news, afaik the ME firmware cannot be downgraded on the H370 chipset. As MeatWar already mentioned, the 906EA microcode is already present in the bios file, this matches the i7-8700B. However without being able to downgrade the ME firmware and apply other fixes it’s unlikely any BGA1440 will boot or work correctly.