[REQUEST] Modding MSI z390-A PRO

Hello, I need my MSI z390-a pro modded, It has a lot of features that are locked/hidden, like power down mode/geardown mode for ram, HPET, Secure Boot.

Thank you!

@eseer34422 - Power down/gear down is AMD BIOS stuff, and surely you have Secure Boot option visible in CSM, Boot or security section of the BIOS?
HPET yes, that may be hidden, but if this is all you need then I can just disable it for you instead of a mod, because to make this visible requires many hours of editing (mainly data/info collection) just to reveal chipset menu for you, so it’s really not ideal.

On Secure Boot >> I just checked, it should be visible to you at
Advanced >> Windows OS Configuration >> Secure Boot option
If you cannot see Windows OS Config submenu, show me image of your Advanced page at the root level, from top to bottom. Please use F12 to screenshot this to USB, then put in zip, thanks.

See also, Boot >> Boot mode select
If you set Legacy here, that instantly disabled (and hide) secure boot mode (everywhere), if that is what you wanted to do.
Otherwise it will be enabled by default, if you use UEFI mode here

There is also a copy of Secure Boot mode option in Chassis Intrusion Config, but it will be hidden if you have Windows 10 WHQL Support set to CSM (or CSM enabled elsewhere)
Anyway, main point here is, Secure Boot should definitely be visible to you in some location, I think you just missed it That or you are in legacy/CSM mode, so you can’t use it and it’s hidden

@Lost_N_BIOS Hello. Can you please disable HPET for same motherboar for me? No need option in bios, just disable.
Last bios here: www(.)msi(.)com//Motherboard/support/Z390-A-PRO
or direct link to download download(.)msi(.)com/bos_exe/mb/7B98v1C.zip