[Request] Modified MSI GT72 6QE 1022BE BIOS


I want a modified / unlocked bios so that I can use the iGPU at the same time as the discrete GPU.

Is this possible at MSI GT72 6QE 1022BE ???

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no possitible
setup now exist .,.,but EC is incompatible

only lost screen forever

d-gpu mode "native" is best for performance :d
be happy for it - no i-gpu – more power for your CPU

and battery optimization
create custom profile in POWER SCHEME in windows / afterburner – all is OK

here is MAXWELL gpu ? - nvidia inspector
afterburner - PASCAL up

Thank you

cpu set on balanced scheme
min 50./. - 1.5GHZ - max 97./. around BASE CLOCK lock
for battery mode

gpu - inspector "P -state" but no need interact .,.battery mode is limited from EC fw

or HWINFO + sensor
discharge rate - and try custom setting "lower rate what is possitible"
c-states / adaptive clock/ .,.,.,etc

full TDP from CPU or GPU
90-100./. battery recharge cycle + ac adapter "70./.+ battery level"
or is limited "from ec fw"

bad battery life time - HWINFO + sensor or battery tab "verify battery WEAR LEVEL"
witch good setup CPU / gpu native - possitible get similar status "optimus"
mod no need