[REQUEST] Modify a B560-G bios to work on a G15CE prebuilt motherboard.

I was hoping to get some help with flashing a B560-G bios to a prebuilt B560-G board that is identified as a G15CE won’t let me manually install the update. The G15CE says B560-G on it, it just appears to have a custom bios meant for the ASUS prebuilt computer.

I can link both bios files if needed. It won’t let me link both in this post.

I asked about this in the general forums and a helpful user named MeatWar responded with the below information but I have no idea how to do this. If someone can help me or point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m also looking for this information, but I know you have to flash the BIOS from the prebuilt to the real bios of the B560-G.
I have a CH341A and tried using the clip to attach to the BIOS.
I have a GigaDevice 25B127DSIG, but the closest thing I can find in AsProgrammer is GD25B64C and not sure if that’s okay to use.
Can anyone chime in on this?

Why dont you read the threads that your posting on???
The answer and successful report is there by another user: Flashing ASUS ROG STRIX B560-G bios to G15CE board - #10 by asushchev

Actually it’s not answered. Like I posted, the Bios chip is not listed in asprogrammer and trying to figure out which one to use since it’s not listed.